Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Battleship open at no. 2 exactly as predicted

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
11Marvel's The AvengersBV$55,644,102-46.0%4,249-100$13,096$457,665,517$2203
3NThe DictatorPar.$17,435,092-3,008-$5,796$24,476,173$651
42Dark ShadowsWB$12,583,338-57.6%3,755-$3,351$50,721,759$1502
5NWhat to Expect When You're ExpectingLGF$10,547,068-3,021-$3,491$10,547,068-1
68The Best Exotic Marigold HotelFoxS$3,230,584+20.9%354+176$9,126$8,228,025-3
74The Hunger GamesLGF$2,950,331-34.5%2,064-467$1,429$391,581,441$789
83Think Like a ManSGem$2,650,549-54.4%1,722-330$1,539$85,838,460$125
95The Lucky OneWB$1,778,453-56.7%2,005-834$887$56,934,628-5
107The Pirates! Band of MisfitsSony$1,578,632-49.8%1,840-1,239$858$25,490,136$554
  Finally, I get the chance to show off my forecasting skills. As predicted 2 weeks before Battleship sinks at no.2 with a gross the half of The Avengers.
  Both Battleship and The Avengers had a world premiere on April 11, 2012. The difference is that of May 22 Bship has grossed just above $240m worldwide compared to our Marvel superheroes' over $1,800,000.000!
  So is it must be rightly said that Taylor Kitsch who has a main role in both Bship and John Carter will garner a name for himself in being 'the actor whose films always badly underperform'.  I also think that Battleship should've been released at the start of the year where the New Year gross could've saved it. Maybe it could've made a very quick $800m in January. So bad marketing people.
  Due to The Avengers buzz I forgot that The Dictator starring famed comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G Indiahouse, Borat, Bruno). The best comedy film of this year so far, in my opinion, is 21 Jump Street. But it has a big chance of being overwhelmed by the mastery of Cohen's acting skills
  The plot follows Cohen play a Dictator of a fictional North African county visiting America. And we all know what happens to foreign leaders (with giant hairy beards) when they visit the US. The trailer proves it could be a must-watch:

  It lands at no.3 surprisingly outgrossing Johnny Depp's Dark Shadows which was at no.2 last week.  The Dictator is directed by Larry Charles who also directed the hit mockumentaries Borat and Bruno starring the same actor in the lead role. Written by Cohen along with 3 other screenwriters.
  The Hunger Games is still at the US chart in its 9th week. It'll probably leave on the 11th. I also predict that Men in Black 3 would land at no.1 or most probably 2 next week due to The Avenger's uproar. Also Think Like a Man has made just above $85m off a $12m budget domestically which is a big breakthrough for Indie films compared to the pressure faced by mega budget action features recently released.
  That's all for now. Catch the US box office next Tuesday to see Men in Black 3's exciting opening.

(Chart from Box Office Mojo)


Hassan Faheem said...

wow excellent prediction !

AJaye2009 said...

I used to play Battleship as a kid. Why anyone would make a megabudget feature film out of it is beyond me. I don't know what the budget was but it won't make three times that (to make a profit). Remember you've got to factor in the promotion and marketing budget which the studios won't release due to embarrassment. Ergo I don't think a January release would have saved it.

It might have helped The Dictator. This is the sort of film that I think would play well against weak competition as opposed to having to play well on its own merits. If you want a sleeper hit then todays template is Think Like a Man. It might not play overseas but its alreeady in profit so who cares about those daft foreigners (like us) anyways?

Nisar Mustafa said...

Haha true. Also big-budget releases are nothing if not coupled by a worthwhile story. Take the example of John Carter - need I say more?
I wonder what Disney is thinking right now...

Nisar Mustafa said...

Thank you!

AJaye2009 said...

 After seeing The Avengers numbers they should be thinking Justice League of America.

Nisar Mustafa said...

Well, A.Jaye you should see the grosses of previous DC comics movies: Superman Returns and Green Lantern. If the Batman franchise moved to Marvel they'd have nothing!