Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Awakening

Underworld 1 and 2 will be remembered for awakening the British to a vampire-lycan(werewolf) world. Dark backgrounds and old-style clothing with sexy kitten Kate Beckinsale. Well, most of the audience who hated the   movies still remembered the lusciousness of KB.
  Underworld 3 also known as Rise of the Lycans was a better take on the saga. The 3rd one was a prequel of the first and explained the obvious reason of the war between the two generations. Michael Sheen replaced K.B. as the lead, and his acting was top-notch, along with the villain played by Bill Nighy. Nighy is my favourite English actor also known for being in Underworld, Underworld: Evolution and the thriller Notes on a Scandal. Furthermore, Nighy acted the best throughout the trilogy. Rhona Mitra shared some screen space reminiscent of Beckinsale's aura in the prequel.
Underworld was good. Evolution was too predictable. Rise of the Lycans had a better plot, and acting but with  more average action the two. The 4th part improves only in that area. This venture in 3-D is blood-spattering, vampire-gritting and ass-tightening to the core. One is amazed how Beckinsale looks the same since Underworld 1 and 2. No wonder the British actress is being voted globally to become a model in real life. Though we get what we expect from her. Bill Nighy is still sorely missed. The film co-stars Michael Ealy,Stephen Lea and India Eisley, who acted more impressively than the lead. The story is plain boring. The writers must've had only one cup of coffee while producing the script. I'm also amazed how it took more than one writer to come up with this. And yeah, the plot is utterly predictable. Its as if you were playing hide and seek with your best friend and you told him where you were going to hide. David S. Goyer could've penned the story instead. Alas, the director of the first two and executive producer of the whole series decided to. He's also the husband of Beckinsale. Her ex Michael Sheen is more critically acclaimed for his acting that Wiseman's directing but alas, modern women seem to go for the commercially-fashioned
  Underworld: Awakening earned an estimated $110m worldwide off a $70m budget and is the 2nd highest-grossing of the series just behind Evolution. This movie has the best action scenes of all the parts. It is one of those action movies that adapts its scenes well to the 3-D format. And it is worth a watch in 2-D as it doesn't differ much in the impact. Rise of the Lycans is the best-written. I urge Hollywood to come up with more unique concepts for vampire movies. Fortunately, The Vampire Diaries airs on TV...

  Underworld 2.5/4
  Underworld: Evolution 2/4.
  Underworld: Rise of the Lycans 3/4.
  Underworld: Awakening 3/4.

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