Friday, February 3, 2012

Liam Neeson on a hatrick

The Grey topped last weekend with $20 million. It successfully beat much-hyped Underworld: Awakening and the Katherine Heigl starrer One for the Money.
  Liam Neeson's two previous lead roles were in Taken 2008 and Unknown 2011, both thrillers like his latest release. Both also took the no.1 position at the US box office respectively. So it's no surprise that The Grey managed to do what it did last weekend.
  On a $25m budget the film's going strong. I'm very excited to see whether it will be able to hold on to its position this weekend following the release of Daniel Radcliffe's The Woman in Black, and sci-fi flick Chronicle. Taken 2008 was a spy thriller masterpiece. Unknown was less impressive on making a twisting impact and grossed less than the former, deserving it.
  Hope The Grey is as good or even better than Taken. My favourite critic Roger Ebert has given it a 3.5/4 rating and that man is seldom wrong. Although, the trailer seems mediocre, Taken had the same feature but ended up as a blockbuster.
  Box Office 101's prediction for The Grey is that it might gross $100-$120m at the end of its theatrical run. Liam's Taken 2, slated for an Oct 012 release also has a 90% chance of topping the US chart, giving him a fourth consecutive hit.


A.Jaye said...

You critic.

The Grey will be lucky to hit $50 domestic and maybe another $50m worldwide. But you're right about the Woman in Black. Expect blockbuster numbers.

Welcome to blog hell!

Nisar Masoom said...

Haha. Well you can expect anything from a Liam Neeson starrer. Have huge hopes for The Woman in Black.

Abdullah Riaz said...

Liam Neeson's every movie will be a hit!
And let's just hope he becomes a Muslim!

Nisar Masoom said...

Exactly but I'm seriously waiting for Taken 2. Hope it turns out better than Unknown.