Friday, July 7, 2017

Literary Retreat

Dear Readers,

During May I met my dear friend, Farooq Qaisrani, to discuss an idea for a website. That idea has turned into a reality this month:

Literary Retreat is dedicated to the memory of the late film-critic Roger Ebert and his eponymous website. The reviews and star-ratings pay homage to his legendary career.

As you have already assumed from the title, Literary Retreat is a haven for literature lovers. We publish book reviews in every possible category. It doesn't matter when the book was published, or who wrote it, as there is no bias regarding topics on which the articles are written.

The best part is that we have an interview section. Every month we select 1-2 authors from distinct genres to crown them as our Authors for that particular Month. For July we had addiction-horror specialist, Mark Matthews, and I'm certain that he won't be the last wordsmith we'll interact him.

Farooq is responsible for all the advertising and design-related aspects of the website. Abdullah Riaz is the second contributor being a writer himself. And I am the primary content writer.

So enjoy reading the interviews and reviews. Please comment and share the articles as much as you'd like. This is more of an intellectual venture and I hope that all our visitors will leave Literary Retreat with new knowledge gained.