Monday, September 5, 2016

Knock Knock (2015) - A Review

There are good home-invasion films, and there are bad ones, but Knock Knock (2015) is satisfyingly original.

Directed by horror veteran Eli Roth (Hostel, Hostel 2, The Green Inferno) with a screenplay co-written by him and two others, this erotic thriller arouses more than just your attention.

Keanu Reeves has the main role and gives the performance of a lifetime. Lagging close behind are Lorenzo Izzo (Roth's real-life wife) and Ana de Armas. The story follows Reeves answering the door on a stormy night to two beautiful strangers. Little does he know that these attractive faces hide psychotic traits. And throughout most of this feature he gets tortured by them.

Acting is simply awesome. The three major characters share a twisted chemistry. And the whole scenario looks and feels so real. Cinematography is top-notch with the house sets chosen beautifully to match the dreadful visual narrative. The pacing balances well with the running time.

However, there is are still flaws: The villains' backgrounds are left unexplored. They are evil but never reveal themselves or why they are tormenting the lead. The conclusion, though unpredictable, leaves a lot to question.

To end with, Knock Knock is a psychological shocker, that will make you hesitant to reply: "Who's there?"

The Rating: 3.5 out of 4.

If you favor erotica in any form of media, then Shadow of your Lust is bound to please.

Description: 20 poems of insatiable lust. Topics range from women in stilettos, the temptations of adultery, infatuations with Persian beauties, Paris Hilton and so much more. An excerpt:

To a kind-hearted man, she is love
But she is The Insatiable
To a below-minded man, she is lust
But she is The Insatiable

Another example:
Your brunette locks, I miss
The snow-white skin, the fulsome and rounded hips
Suffice to say this, I have the kiss
Of a Persian Beauty, on my lips

So, go ahead and dwell into Shadow of your Lust's contents of stimulation, because just like the relief you get from your fantasies, you won't be disappointed.

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