Monday, August 29, 2016

The Trust (2016): Another bad Nicolas Cage feature

The Trust (2016) is a heavily-clichéd crime film which does little to stand out from its low-budget contemporaries.

The Plot: It follows two cops who, while investigating a drug invasion, stumble upon unknown territory. 

The Good and The Bad: Honestly, one of the primary reasons I watched this is that I still hold Nicolas Cage in high regard as an actor. And he did not disappoint in that aspect. We don't have a prominent supporting cast here, so The Trust relies on Cage and Elijah Wood to carry the weight of the stereotypical script.

The initial 40 minutes are the highlight of this venture. This is due to the superb introduction of the lead stars. It's clear from the onset that both these individuals couldn't be any more distinct. And the humorous emphasis on this only makes it more fun to watch, if only the remaining 50 minutes were as equally entertaining.

The Trust suffers from being too typical. Trust me, the comedy implemented in the foremost half did succeed in giving this venture a lighter tone. But afterwards, when the mood becomes dark, The Trust loses its only glimmer of hope, and that was being unique from others in its genre.

Acting-wise, Cage and Wood made a surprisingly awesome team. Their different takes on the characters really did complement their on-screen friendship. So, this exhibition came as even more of a disappointment to see thespians who are not the most talked-about performers worldwide, who gave it their all for a lost cause.

Another negative factor was the monotony. You can guess the conclusion after one hour has passed. Although, I have to mention I was shocked that The Brewer Brothers' direction did allow for unpredictability, but again only for the opening 40 minutes.

The Verdict: The Trust starts off brilliantly and provides moments for Cage to show off his signature theatrics, but ultimately it fails in the third act. In my opinion, at a running time of approximately 90 minutes or more, this feature would have worked better as a short showcase.

The Rating: 1.5 out of 4. 

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