Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tokarev - A Short Review

Despite the absurd rating of 5.1/10 from IMDb, Tokarev (2014) delivers what it had promised by the trailer. Two main highlights are firstly, one of Hollywood's veteran actors Nicolas Cage proves he can act no matter what the role. And secondly, the film stars one of the world's most beautiful women Rachel Nichols:


The plot is simple, with many claiming it to be a copycat of 2008's Taken - yet it is highly distinct. In the sense that Taken is an action thriller and Tokarev is an action drama.
  Nicolas Cage stars as Paul Maguire whose daughter is kidnapped by the Russian mob. Now, Maguire is a retired gunman from the Italian mob, and is living on a clean slate. The movie follows his relapse to the old ways, and each choice is determinant of what the result of his daughter's position might be.


  To start with the pros, Cage's last movie was The Frozen Ground where he acted tremendously well. Another movie similar to Taken and Tokarev is 2012's Stolen, which is a worst Nicolas Cage feature.
  In Tokarev, Cage cannot be judged on an impersonation meter. This is because his dialogue delivery, and outfit, all play homage to an ultimate definition which he gave to his character. He portrays the role with every fiber of his being. When he expresses his sadness, the viewer does the same. When he shows rage, the audiences feels the adrenaline.
  Finally, Tokarev gets 3 out of 4 stars from me. The cons are that there are many plot-holes. Some scenes are just too cliched. But with the superb enactment of the lead star, and the unpredictable ending, Tokarev has already been included in my Favorite Action Drama Flicks of 2014.

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Nisar Masoom said...

No way. Taken is a different movie altogether. And even in comparison, it is far better than Tokarev. Yes the latter is, as you mentioned watching the trailer, very cliched.

Yeah, I was aiming to explain a lot in such short space, thanks.