Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Good Weekend to Die Hard

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1NA Good Day to Die HardFox$24,834,845-3,553-$6,990$33,073,961$921
21Identity ThiefUni.$23,674,295-31.5%3,165+24$7,480$70,962,080$352
3NSafe HavenRela.$21,401,594-3,223-$6,640$30,230,512$281
4NEscape From Planet EarthWein.$15,891,055-3,288-$4,833$15,891,055$401
52Warm BodiesSum.$8,865,186-21.9%2,897-112$3,060$50,085,717-3
6NBeautiful Creatures (2013)WB$7,582,595-2,950-$2,570$10,124,912$601
73Side Effects (2013)ORF$6,272,152-32.6%2,605-$2,408$19,092,988-2
84Silver Linings PlaybookWein.$6,241,902-2.9%2,202-607$2,835$98,616,374$2114
95Hansel and Gretel: Witch HuntersPar.$3,513,410-38.9%2,103-1,182$1,671$49,742,205$504
107Zero Dark ThirtySony$2,995,899-25.2%1,522-1,040$1,968$87,924,567$409

Woah look at the top three figures! Die Hard 5 just manages by a cat's whisker to become the leader of Presidents' Day Weekend in America. I caught A Good Day to Die Hard in the theatre a couple of days ago, with my friend Syed Ali, and I'm not surprised it hasn't grossed as effectively as its predecessor. Also, Safe Haven was number one on Valentines' Day and many boxoffice pundits thought that it would be the lead-taker this 4-day weekend. But it was not so.
Despite negative critical reception for the romance tale, it still managed to bring Nicolas Sparks'(the author of the novel) cramming the cinema halls. Horror movie producers should learn to release most of their features on Halloween as Safe Haven was released on Valentines' Day. Identity Thief, from the makers of my favourite comedy Horrible Bosses, opened to the first spot last week. IT is another analytical mishap showcasing that the top three tier have the same professional consensus. It took over Warm Bodies' position but the latter still remained strong on second as it was a surprise box-office success worldwide.
  Warm Bodies has an original story (yes it's a Hollywood movie) about a zombie falling in love with a human. And it's still a better love story than Twilight. Universal acclaim from critics was expected and I can't wait till it emerges on Blu-Ray.
  In an opposite case, A Good Day to Die Hard has a 16% score on Rotten Tomatoes. Whilst having a 82% approval rate from audiences on the site. And viewers with a high ratio of them being male aged 25 and above, gave it a CinemaScore grade of B+. Also to take into account is the fact that DH 5 is the only latest big-budget action flick of the week.This goes both domestically and internationally.
  If I had gotten out of the cinema hall after finishing the flick I would've rated it B+ as well. But my reviewer persona sees it differently. A full review on the Bruce Willis film is most probably coming soon on the blog. Though I can tell as many fans have already stated that this was not in the same league as Die Hard 4 or 1, being my favourite parts of the franchise.
  Die Hard is my best-loved action movie series. And I had great expectations that were broken. Still the opening of $25m is above-average. Worldwide, the film has even fared better at the overseas market taking the top position. A Good Day still has to open in a higher number of foreign countries so it has a great chance of matching Die Hard 4's $250m total outside of the states.
  Live Free or Die Hard was released in 2007 to critical acclaim (including my own). It was a way better movie than 2006's Mission Impossible 3 and showed that despite the third part being released in 1995, it made $383m globally on a budget of $110m. This is the most profitable aggregate of the entire 5-movie total
  At 4th is another new entry Escape from Planet Earth. An animated feature of a normal production cost featuring the voices of Brendan Frasier and Jessica Alba. The latter whose face has appeared on flop films lately that only the voice could be cast. And at 6th is the disaster Beautiful Creatures intended for Twilight-like audiences. Fortunately, it won't be turned into a franchise now due its underwhelming performance.  Die Hard 5 has a noticeably lesser budget of $92m and as of Feb 18, the confirmed international result is $116m. The 5th movie will probably not net more than Live Free or above it but it is still a commercial success for Fox Studios.
  That's all from me folks. Bruce Willis confirmed that he will star in two more Die Hard films before retiring from his character John McClane. The 6th movie, as quoted by him, is to be titled Old Habits Die Hard. Although, the title is the best of them all, the major milestone would be for the movie to be the ultimate.
  Don't forget to catch the trailer for the sizzling summer release Fast and Furious Six:

(Chart by Box Office Mojo)