Sunday, January 20, 2013

Resident Evil: Viewer Retribution

Retribution:  the act of punishing or taking vengeance for wrongdoing, sin, or injury.

I solemnly swear to not watch another Resident Evil flick for the remainder of my critical years. Yes, the movie was that awful. And yes, CGI could not have been more over-used.

   Directed and written by the same Paul W.S. Anderson of the first 3 durable zombie flicks, and the fourth misused 3-D one. Based on the hit Capcom video game series although the franchise is based on 20% of the original storyline. The main character Alice does not even exist in the virtual universe and thus the absurdness. RE: Retribution made over $200m off $65m showing that the loyal fanbases could not stop Evil from spreading Global. It was released in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D.
  It is absurd to term Hollywood as preparing anything with an over $50-budget to proper standards. Retribution is more of a B-movie even with that production cost. It starts with suspenseful action and ends with it. Though the suspense makes no sense. Seriously, after Wrath of the Titans and Men in Black 3 I though the worst-of-2012 was over. But this made a place just below Titans. It seemed as if the Resident Evil screen-world was taking retribution on me for watching the prequels.
  The RE games are about surviving zombies or people affected by the virus made by Umbrella Corporation. Here there is a mix-up of undead figures, CGI, martial arts, horror, nonsense etc. Milla Jovovich cannot escape being typecast because of the high grosses and that the director is her husband. Sure is a marriage of convenience. This film has made me hate her more.
  Most characters from Extinction and Afterlife were not included. Although their absence is explained. Major cast members are from the first 2 flicks with their inclusion being dumbfounded. If there was a prequel to them, those people would've been included. Apart from the start-up scenes, there is no fright left. Why people continue to fill the seats in the theatre is beyond my reasoning. And above-average thriller like Alex Cross are given lower ratings than this. Truly proving that the voters on IMBD are real persons. 
  The only perks of RE: Retribution are some martial art exhibitions that were epic, specially the last fist battles, and some CGI applied well to scenes. The rest is Hollywood introducing such fan favourites like Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong from the shooter and raping their virtual existence.
  Anderson has confirmed the sixth part, and a seventh without Jovovich. Sony hopes for a reboot and I hope for a boot to Anderson's rear. There is still life in undead flicks. Check out the trailer for Warm Bodies releasing this February below:

Rotten Tomatoes: 31%.

IMDB: 5.2/10.
BO101: 1/4.


Hassan Faheem said...

Sony hopes for a reboot and I hope for a boot to Anderson's rear. hahahahahahhaha superb review and awful movie =P =D

Nisar Mustafa said...

Haha that was also my self-acclaimed part in the review. Thanks for reading!

AJaye2009 said...

Hassan quoted you before I could. But if you walk past a house with a mad dog in the yard and said dog barks at you don't be scared homie. You knew the dog was mad.

NisarMasoom said...

Nicely put A. Jaye. There should be a sign next to the upcoming Resident Evil picture: 'Watch at your own risk (of wasting money)'.