Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Hobbit is December's biggest debut

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1NThe Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWB$84,617,303-4,045-$20,919$84,617,303-1
22Rise of the GuardiansP/DW$7,143,445-31.3%3,387-252$2,109$71,085,268$1454
55Life of PiFox$5,413,066-35.0%2,548-398$2,124$69,572,472$1204
63The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2Sum.$5,136,074-43.9%3,042-604$1,688$276,826,143$1205
77Wreck-It RalphBV$3,216,043-33.8%2,249-497$1,430$168,721,592$1657
86Playing for KeepsFD$3,146,443-45.3%2,840+3$1,108$10,737,535-2
98Red Dawn (2012)FD$2,408,882-43.1%2,250-504$1,071$40,904,305$654
1011Silver Linings PlaybookWein.$2,109,274-2.9%371-$5,685$16,979,323$215

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is the eagerly awaited prequel for fantasists of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Based on legendary British writer J.R.R. Tolkien's 1937 fantasy novel, The Hobbit earned an impressive $84m (estimated budget $180m) becoming the highest December debut in Hollywood history shattering 2009's I Am Legend's $77.2m.
  Now there has been a long time since a Will Smith movies hasn't grossed about or over $100m in the United States but with such a fan database and The Lord of the Rings being the 3rd highest-grossing novel ever with an estimated $150m sold, it had the reputation to debut with $100m but sadly missed.
  The prequel is also directed by the filmmaker of all previous 3 films Peter Jackson. Jackson is also known for high-budget adaptations of popular works such as King Kong in 2005. And his movies are money-making gems with Lord of the Rings grossing $2.92m on an overall budget of $285m. John Carter was one movie with a total production cost of $250m.

  2003's The Return of the King has the topmost cumulative of over $1 billion. The Hobbit may have been a long-awaited journey for cinema-goers but critics have deemed otherwise. With an 'unexpected' 65% on the Rotten Tomatoes tally, criticism has been based a lot on whether it matches up to the earlier parts. And also on the pacing of the movie that the fun is demolished before the final half-hour. Still, I will watch this when it comes out on blu-ray as I've seen the previous films with Return of the King being my solid action-packed favourite.
  But being a prequel also leaves potential viewers more in a wait-and-see position rather than just hurling themselves into the theatre seats. Next week's Jack Reacher will probably be on number 2 introducing with $25m-$35m according to BO101 statistics.
  Steven Spielberg's epic historical Lincoln has set records for most awards nominated. It has also surprisingly surpassed other Oscar nomination Argo's gross by a tiny margin in the US. Argo was a surprise hit stating that Ben Affleck still has some gross juice left and that his childhood friend Matt Damon is not the only face that sells tickets. Lincoln has grossed an impressive $107m in domestic markets. With main thespian Daniel Day-Lewis being a strong contender for the Academy Award for Best Actor. He was also brilliant in the other critically acclaimed movie There Will Be Blood.
  The last and yes, hopefully last Twilight part distributed by Summit Entertainment 'summits' to 6th position from number 3 with Skyfall on 4 with more weeks on the American box office. Still Breaking Dawn: Part 2 has become the first Twilight movie to make over $500m worldwide. And some say there's no such thing as luck.
  Skyfall will also make $1 billion at year's becoming the first film in the 23 film series of James Bond to do so. Lord of the Rings was only a 3-part series! Skyfall has also become the most paramount-grossing film of all time in the UK which does not come as a surprise. But yes after Quantum of Solace's being the 19th film on the British list this is a great achievement for the franchise and may be I'll be alive for the 50th anniversary flick.
  Silver Linings Playbook stars one of my favorite actors Bradley Cooper and curvy actress Jennifer Lawrence and it jumps up from 11 to 10 this weekend. It is also mounting to a 2013 Oscar nomination.  Denzel Washington's Flight exits the top 10 with over $84m in gross while The Collection is at 16 with $6m to its name. It has a bigger debut than its prequel but still is $1m behind The Collector. Maybe it will become more advanced at the end of the year after a superior amount of major country openings.
  That's all from me folks. The Hobbit has a better opening than Return of the King but with 3-D/IMAX premiums so it was very possible. Also, it has 222.8 million dollars internationally but I still think it won't match the 2003 final film's aggregate. Here's the HD trailer below:


Ahamed Shahwath said...

the hobbit is awesome :D

Nisar Mustafa said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, but I'm still betting on Jack Reacher for a satisfying cinematic watch.

NisarMasoom said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, but I'm still betting on Jack Reacher for a higher satisfying cinematic watch.