Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Dredd delivers judgement at no. 6!

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1NEnd of WatchORF$13,152,683-2,730-$4,818$13,152,683$71
2NHouse at the End of The StreetRela.$12,287,234-3,083-$3,985$12,287,234$101
3NTrouble with the CurveWB$12,162,040-3,212-$3,786$12,162,040-1
42Finding Nemo (3D)BV$9,641,474-42.2%2,904-$3,320$30,175,449-2
51Resident Evil: RetributionSGem$6,701,803-68.2%3,016+4$2,222$33,469,530$652
719The MasterWein.$4,391,092+496.4%788+783$5,572$5,446,975-2
83The PossessionLGF$2,641,990-54.2%2,598-262$1,017$45,291,617$144

I'm very disappointed. Dredd is a remake of the sci-fi action venture Judge Dredd (1995). The original starred Hollywood buff Sylvester Stallone and well-known actress Diane Lane. It grossed $113m off $90m worldwide whilst garnering several negative reviews and awards in the United States. Arnold Schwarzenegger was originally offered the role but I would've predicted it an even bigger flop if he had accepted.
  But this year's Dredd is very different. It stars a lesser-known lead Karl Urban and Lena Headey from HBO's Game of Thrones as the nemesis Ma-Ma. It is also set in a futuristic dystopian world where the hero is forced to bring order to a 200-story slum and its resident drug lord.
  The 012 version has been critically acclaimed in contrast to the first with 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and most critics applauding Urban's hard-boiled performance. Though pundits predicted the film would open up with $10m-$6m in the States due to the first part's poor status I still hoped it would be in the top three or at least be third.
  In other news, Jake Gyllenhaal's End of Watch opens up at 1st. The crime drama surprisingly overtook House at the End of the Street by an approximate $1m. End of Watch is directed and written by David Ayer famous in the genre of these sort of films adding to his previous directed feature Street Kings and Harsh Times. The opening of $13m managed to cross its budget of just $7m.
  This has been a very slow American box office weekend since August. Even Resident Evil: Retribution opened slowly last week and has fallen from the top to number 5 in just week two. Worldwide, it has done wonders adding to its foreign total of $137m off a $65m production cost. It has also beaten its predecessor's  global opening but has a long way to reach Afterlife's $296m.
  There was only one good Resident Evil and that was the second Apocalypse. Third was past-time but it definitely should've been the last. Afterlife showed how audiences can blindly enter the theatre for the action or the main actress Milla Jovovich.

  Although the 5th introduces many new characters from the Capcom video game namely Leon, fans of the virtual franchise, like me, are still disappointed for not featuring them in the earlier four adaptions. And also basing the storylines so farther away from Capcom's universe. Even notable game reviewer site IGN gave the film a 6 out of 10. ScreenCrush screenwriter added: ''Resident Evil: Retribution might be one of the dumbest things ever crafted by human hands.''
  Another irritating announcement has been made that there will be a sixth installment as the former has done well financially. This one might be the last to cast Jovovich but the director states that the series might be continued without her.
  Clint Eastwood's first starring role in a film he didn't direct since 2003 lands at the third spot. Trouble with the curve has received mixed reviews and is a sports drama on an ailing baseball scout (Eastwood) and co-starring Amy Adams.
  The R-rated comedy Ted has grossed $420m globally becoming the third highest grossing comedy in accordance to its +18 rating. The second being Hangover ($467m) but it will be beaten eventually at the end of Ted's theatrical run. And the first is The Hangover Part 2 ($581m).
  That's all from me folks, here's the HD trailer for Dredd and by the look of its US debut, the sci-fi remake will be showcased as underrated. ''Law's not the law, I'm the law.'' - Judge Dredd (2012):

(Chart by Box Office Mojo)


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