Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Expendables 2's on top

1NThe Expendables 2LGF$28,591,370-3,316-$8,622$28,591,370-1
21The Bourne LegacyUni.$17,057,385-55.3%3,753+8$4,545$69,618,465$1252
42The CampaignWB$13,127,289-50.6%3,255+50$4,033$51,435,826-2
5NSparkle (2012)TriS$11,643,342-2,244-$5,189$11,643,342$141
63The Dark Knight RisesWB$11,011,349-42.0%3,157-533$3,488$409,787,260$2505
7NThe Odd Life of Timothy GreenBV$10,822,903-2,598-$4,166$15,100,918-1
84Hope SpringsSony$9,111,529-37.8%2,361-$3,859$35,063,321-2
96Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog DaysFox$3,834,737-52.1%2,737-664$1,401$38,747,058$223
105Total Recall (2012)Sony$3,472,829-56.7%2,434-1,167$1,427$51,755,272$1253
This weekend of August 17-19 we have 4 new openings. LionsGate Films hold the top spot with their The Expendables 2. The sequel not only boasts more high-octane action scenes but also a greater array of action stars. Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris and Chris Hemsworth are newbies and Bruce Willis and 'The Terminator' Arnold Schwarzenegger are given prominent roles.
  The last venture was directed by Sylvester Stallone himself. This time Simon West, director of one of my most fav. Nic Cage film Con Air, takes the director's seat. West is also having another movie released this year titled Stolen also starring Cage in the lead:

  I just hope this one is a commercial hit. Cage's previous films have shattered records - for worst box office number. Comparisons are already being made to Liam Neeson starrer Taken. David Guggenheim is the screenwriter who had his Hollywood writing debut with this year's Safe House. In American theatres September 14.
  The Expendables 2 is on an estimated $100m budget and opens up with nearly $28 accounting to $48m worldwide. Now, this ain't no Avengers but it is still successful given the widely contributed grosses this weekend. Screenplay by Richard Wenk and Stallone.
  ParaNorman is a stop-motion animated horror adventure feature that stars not-so-famous voice actors. And it shows as other animated movies, like Madagascar 3 and Ice Age 4, grossed equal to or higher than their high-budget live-action counterparts (Prometheus and The Amazing Spider-Man respectively).
  Whitney Houston, one of America's legendary African-American pop singers, passed away in Feb 11, 2012. The film on number 5 this week is dedicated to her being her fifth and final film. Sparkle stars American Idol winner Jordin Sparks in the lead and is a remake of a 1976 musical. It will ultimately gross more than its budget next weekend.
  Walt Disney Pictures released a fantasy drama this week with the sizzling Jennifer Garner (Electra) and lesser-known Joel Edgerton (The Thing 2012) with main roles. The film follows a pre-adolescent boy whose personality have profound effects on the people in his town. The Odd Life of Timothy Green lands on number 7 and will not recover its budget domestically.
  In other news, Total Recall (2012) flops in the US and will exit the top 10 next week. The 1990 version was more profitable and also earned a Special Achievement Academy Award for Special Effects. This one might garner a Razzie nomination.But it will probably gross $150-160m worldwide off $125m.
  And that's all from me folks. See you next week and don't forget to like/comment/share.

(Chart by Box Office Mojo)


AJaye2009 said...

The cost of making these movies is so prohibitive. $100m+ for a straight-to-video flick like Expendables 2? You gotta be joking me. Gimme $10m for a horror film and I'll gross $100m in North America and twice that globally.

Coming soon.

Nisar Mustafa said...

Haha true.
Also noted that crap like The Woman in Black on a $15m budget is grossing over $100m is utterly disturbing.

You'll get your chance one day A. Jaye!

NisarMasoom said...

Haha also noted that crap like The Woman in Black has grossed over $100m off $15m is absurd.
You'll get your chance one day A. Jaye...