Sunday, August 26, 2012

American Reunion - not a grand comeback

Being the fourth theatrically-released installment in the AP series of films I didn't expect much. But it made me laugh in some places anyways. Directed by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg and written by both of them based on characters created by Adam Berg the film made over $230m worldwide off $50m. It deserved just that, nothing more. It grossed just a little more than its predecessor American Wedding (2003). Having such a large gap between the release this is impressive.
  Overall it is the eight film in the series if you include the 4 straight-to-DVDs that weren't all bad. Two of them (Naked Mile and Beta House) being better than this flick.
  Unlike its the last part where much critisism was made over several characters not to have reprised their roles. AR does not make that mistake and features original characters in interesting scenes bringing back memories of the first two theatrically-released parts (that sucked). The four best friends are readying up for their high school reunion whilst also bumping into the original Stifler in the way. Sean William Scott proves that he is the epitome of Stifmeister by his latest performance. And as my fav. top critic Roger Ebert noted that the film wouldn't have been as funny if it were without Scott. It would've been nothing without him.
  For starters, the film relies on the same generic sex-humour formula and although the hard-written parts are notable the others were too repetitive. Hell, they were worse than those from the limited-released features. AR also fails to entertain in the last 30 minutes where a typical American Pie movie would do so much better in balancing funny, sex and emotion.
  Fortunately, there are pros too. The formula does have high-octane parts. The first scene is the best, in my opinion, than any other in the franchise. Sean W. Scott stars as an example that some would only watch AR because of him. Also, there is Eugene Levy who is legendary for starring in all 8 APs who plays Jim's Dad and does it to perfection - as always. Dialogues are only few that are laughter-inducing most from the previously mentioned characters. And the sex-humour is not overdone as in most comedies of this type.
  In the end, American Reunion is definitely not a must-watch. It may please AP fans and some might even love it but as a non-fan I was unimpressed. Still if you wish to pass the time with some nude jokes and reminiscence of high school buddies' reunions give this one a watch. That is, a one-time one.

IMDB: 7.1/10.
BO101: 2.5/4.

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