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US box office June 22-24 weekend

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
21Madagascar 3: Europe's Most WantedP/DW$19,712,315-42.1%3,920-343$5,029$157,086,037$1453
3NAbraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterFox$16,306,974-3,108-$5,247$16,306,974$691
55Snow White and the HuntsmanUni.$8,085,630-39.0%2,919-782$2,770$137,128,350$1704
63Rock of AgesWB (NL)$7,655,377-47.0%3,470-$2,206$28,418,621$752
74That's My BoySony$7,630,411-43.3%3,030-$2,518$27,910,794$702
87Marvel's The AvengersBV$7,177,661-19.4%2,230-352$3,219$598,425,442$2208
96MIB 3Sony$5,726,756-43.0%2,462-673$2,326$163,465,707$2255
10NSeeking a Friend for the End of the WorldFocus$3,822,803-1,625-$2,352$3,822,803$101
Two animated features at the top spots. And Prometheus succumbs to a solid drop in its 3rd week. However, it will most likely cover its budget in the next two weeks in the US. Rock of Ages falls clumsily at 5 and being a Tom Cruise starrer that is depressing - the trailer is wicked nevertheless.
  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens at 3 and I'm surprised this wasn't distributed by LionsGate as this is in their element. It stars Benjamin Walker. Dominic Cooper and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (The Thing 2011) in the main roles. It's directed by Wanted filmmaker Timur Bekmambetov - and produced by Tim Burton (director of Sweeney Todd, Dark Shadows,etc.), based on the 2010 novel of the same name, and the adapted screenplay the same author Seth Grahame-Smith. And I'm not looking that forward to this one. It seems overrated by the teaser. 37% is the Rotten Tomatoes score and I don't seem surprised. Nicolas Cage was considered for the lead but Fox is lucky he didn't make it. Nic shouldn't get an act based on a great historical figure until his movie earnings match the criteria.

  As predicted, by next The Avengers will gross $600m in the US alone. The superhero venture is already the 3rd highest grosser of all time and should be first in my book. James Cameron is overvalued.
  Adam Sandler's That's My Boy has become a flop comedy. And will definitely not even reach its $70m budget in the States. MiB 3 has grossed above $150m in American and has made a figure of $577m meeting above my expectation of $500m. And it has grossed above MiB2 and will eventually outdo the first part in universal earnings by the end of its theatrical run.
  Animated features always cover the top 3 spots of the US BO. So unless you have a film like The Avengers it's useless to compete. Even Tom Cruise couldn't beat Madagascar from the top spot. Same disappointment for Sir Ridley Scott's Prometheus. It has made $260.1 million globally as of 25 June. It broke pre-sales records for the London IMAX. And a personal review will be COMING SOON.
  Roger Ebert, an American top critic and my favourite, has given the sci-fi film 4 out of 4 stars: ''magnificent... blend of story, special effects, and pitch-perfect casting, filmed in sane, effective 3-D that doesn't distract''.
  His favorite performance was by Idris Elba.
  In other news, The Amazing Spider-man releases July 3 in the States and will no doubt straight to numero uno. Another new entry this weekend at the 10th spot, is the comedy-drama Seeking a Friend for the End of the World starring well-known comedian Steve Carrell and UK beauty Keira Knightley.
  Below is the trailer for Step Up Revolution, the 4th in the series, produced by the previous part's director John Chu and directed by Scott Speer in his debut. Adam G. Sevani the superb teenage dancer revives his role as Moose. Releasing July 27 in USA and 10th August in the UK. I am looking forward to this one in 3-D:

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