Tuesday, May 1, 2012

US Weekend box office April 27-29, 012.

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
11Think Like a ManSGem$17,604,141-47.7%2,015-$8,737$60,472,199$122
2NThe Pirates! Band of MisfitsSony$11,137,734-3,358-$3,317$11,137,734$551
33The Hunger GamesLGF$10,814,271-26.3%3,572-180$3,028$372,019,021$786
42The Lucky OneWB$10,808,023-52.0%3,175+20$3,404$39,409,719-2
5NThe Five-Year EngagementUni.$10,610,060-2,936-$3,614$10,610,060$301
6NSafe (2012)LGF$7,892,539-2,266-$3,483$7,892,539-1
7NThe RavenRela.$7,289,642-2,203-$3,309$7,289,642$261
95The Three StoogesFox$5,167,421-47.1%3,105-377$1,664$36,907,965$303
106The Cabin in the WoodsLGF$4,619,480-42.4%2,639-172$1,750$34,783,320-3
  Think Like a Man surprisingly not beat by 4 new competitors!

  I'm also very surprised that an animated movie no matter which voice actors included did not top a US weekend. The Pirates! Band of Misfits released by Sony lands at no.2 starring British hunk Hugh Grant and co-starring Martin Freeman, Salma Hayek, Anton Yelchin along with a few mildly known others.
  The Five-Year Engagement a rated R romantic comedy was damned to land below 3 as we already have a PG-13 movie on top of the list, also being a rom-com. Safe starring action star Jason Statham arrives at 6 and I'm not surprised. Well, I thought with more romance-oriented films at the top how would an action film beat them. So we have three LionGate Films features the previously mentioned along with The Hunger Games that is at no.3 after 6 weeks, and The Cabin in the Woods falls to no.10 in its 3rd week. Another horror feature is The Raven based on a fictional story starring John Cusack as American macabre poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe. I've heard Cusack acted to the part but the film's review wasn't that impressive with critics. Rotten Tomatoes gives The Raven a 22%. The consensus shows a murder mystery that's more silly than scary. Luke Evans from Immortals also stars and he is a fine actor. I'll definitely watch the film on Blu-ray as I am a horror freak and a sucker for anything related to Poe. Also, the director is James McTeigue who directed V for Vendetta and Ninja Assassin, both terrific films.
  The Raven has made just a little over $10m worldwide off a $26m budget. I'm sure it'll make about $30-$35m at the end of its theatrical run.
  So the last two weekends were strange but it also vital to mention that it has been a while since an African-American based rom-com was released. So audiences would've barged in for Think Like a Man because of the USP. One other factor that it is based on a best-selling novelist's book namely Steve Harvey.
  The Avengers opens in the US on May 4. By repeating this the second time I find myself super excited. It had its world premiere on April 11 and has made $218.2m off $220m so covering its cost of production. Websites are predicting that The Avengers will outgross The Dark Knight ($158.4m) and The Hunger Games ($152.2m). The highest best opening weekend is for Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows: Part 2 which made a massive $169m!
  That movie ended up with over $1,320,000,000 off a $250m mega budget. I predict it would beat the opening of The Hunger Games and probably equal The Dark Knight's. But I state that it would not beat Harry Potter as the female fanbase was so strong and the population of women in the world is larger. Female fanbase for The Avengers is also powerful but still lacks the brand name of J.K. Rowling.

  The Avengers could end up with a BoxOffice101 prediction of $990m or just reaching the $1b landmark at the end of its theatrical run.
  Battleship, another megabudget action feature, was released worldwide on April 12th but still hasn't managed to outgross its $200m cost of production. It has succumbed to $170m. So my prediction is that it won't beat The Avengers to the top on May 18. It'll land on no.2 and then both films will be beaten for the top spot by Men in Black 3 on May 25 as 8% of men surveyed by a summer movie survey opted for this one, and mainly due to women eyeing this as their most-anticipated summer blockbuster.
  Let the battles begin...

(Chart by Box Office Mojo)


AJaye2009 said...

Think Like a Man suprised the industry it seems. It's what's called a sleeper hit and is great news for smaller film makers

Nisar Mustafa said...

Exactly and it went to the top at a period where it seemed impossible. The Avengers will definitely beat it though owing to the huge amount of pre-sales and unisex popularity.