Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Think Like a Man rules the weekend of April 20-22, 012.

TWLWTitle (click to view)StudioWeekend Gross% ChangeTheater Count /ChangeAverageTotal GrossBudget*Week #
1NThink Like a ManSGem$33,636,303-2,015-$16,693$33,636,303$121
2NThe Lucky OneWB$22,518,358-3,155-$7,137$22,518,358-1
31The Hunger GamesLGF$14,666,007-30.5%3,752-164$3,909$357,066,467$785
52The Three StoogesFox$9,764,214-42.6%3,482+5$2,804$29,919,660$302
63The Cabin in the WoodsLGF$8,016,075-45.6%2,811-$2,852$27,246,247-2
75American ReunionUni.$5,474,565-47.7%3,033-170$1,805$48,518,325$503
84Titanic 3DPar.$5,032,557-57.8%2,515-182$2,001$52,860,574$183
9821 Jump StreetSony$4,750,986-27.6%2,427-308$1,958$127,217,167$426
107Mirror MirrorRela.$4,408,179-35.6%2,938-268$1,500$55,499,932$854

Whoa! I predicted The Lucky One would beat The Hunger Games but it itself succumbed to Think Like a Man a motion picture from Screen Gems. The African-American headed cast have found their movie earning just a little over $30m for the weekend off a budget of $12m. I thought The Lucky One, starring Zac Effron (High Musical Franchise) and Taylor Schilling.
  TLO is based on the novel by best-selling romance author Nicholas Sparks who also has many best-ranking romance movies. So it's no surprise this young starrer beat the comparative Hunger Games. Still Think Like a Man is a very big surprise!
  Another point to consider is that the 3 toppers are all based on novels. The first by Steve Harvery, the 2nd's author mentioned in the above para and the 3rd by Suzanne Collins (the 1st from her trilogy).
  Other big surprises were the performances of Wrath and John Carter at the US box office. They flopped their with mega budgets but were successful globally. Wrath made has made an int. total of above $275m off a budget of $150m. John Carter grossed an international cumulative of above $260m off a reported mega-budget of $375,000,000 (production and marketing). Disney would've had more luck with a sequel to their brilliant but only satisfactory grosser Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Jake Gyllenhaal would be happy though I think he prayed for this one to have an epic fail.
  Prince of Persia had grossed over $360m globally off $150-200m which is a hell of a lot better than Carter.
  In the States, The Avengers is releasing on May 4 and I predict it will go to no.1 as it has no competitors that even match up to its title. Battleship, the alien mega-budget thriller is releasing on May 18 so we'll have to see whether it shoves off The Avenger off the top spot. Although, it has a 50% chance as it also stars Taylor Kitsch (Carter) in a vital role...
  Another new opening for this week is the documentary Chimpanzee which finds a chimp Oscar adopted by another chimp in the African forest. The film has grossed just over $10m in its 1st weekend. Well-known comedian Tim Allen is the narrator and the film is from a division of Disney known as Disneynature, again, sorry John Carter.


Hassan Faheem said...

hahahah the lucky one...cant wait 4 the avengers =)

Hassan Faheem said...

nicely written...!!!

Nisar Mustafa said...

Me too... it'll be the 3rd best action movie of the year after The Dark Knight and G.I. Joe.