Friday, April 6, 2012

The Sitter deserves a 'sitting' ovation

This comedy seems that it borrowed a lot of cheesy one-liners from a multitude of other funny films. The film is directed by David Gordon Green best-known for Pineapple Express (2008) which you can actually called laughable. I expected the same from this one. The film follows a college dropout having to babysit three kids for one evening.
  The Sitter stars teen comedy star actor, producer and screenwriter Jonah Hill famous for Superbad and 21 Jump Street. So in comparison to Superbad this is a major disappointment. To star with the pros: the kids acted superbly. Their roles were distinct from each other so you expect some comic genius after the 1st half hour. New flash - you don't get it. The story is cliched and it seems Jonah Hill could've written it better even though he is 28 years old. Landry Bender acted the best of the three little musketeers and Sam Rockwell's role as a drug dealer was worth noting. Both roles outshined Hill's.
  Now for more cons: only some parts make you laugh - a great minority. Most of the film borrowed ingredients from other teen coms but ended up with damaging the formula. Seriously, in some parts you can't figure out whether to smile or frown. Limited released ones have done it better.
  The films also gets super predictable after the first half hour. Veteran comedy viewers won't like this although it will be OK for newer watchers. Still, it's just a time-pass film as nothing more. The film made just above $34m on a budget of $25m and deserving such The screenplay by Brain Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka is too weak. Hope for more originality from both the writer, and a better choice of films to direct for Green. Micheal De Luca also produced one of the worst comedies ever The Love Guru 2009 and one of the modern greats Fright Night 2011. Here, he has produced a combination of the two.
Rotten Tomatoes 22%.
IMDB 5.6/10.

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