Friday, April 20, 2012

Should've been titled The Boredom

Samuel L. Jackson has starred in both big budget features (The cult classic Pulp Fiction garnering an Oscar nomination, 3 prequels of Star Wars, Lakeview Terrace and ) and low-budget mainstream flicks (Meeting Evil). As of October 011, he is the higest-grossing actor of all time. He's one of my favourite H-wood performers and my favourite African-American thespian. The Samaritan is one where his credentials shouldn't have been.
  The movie consists of Foley (L. Jackson) finishing with 20 years in prison and looking for an end to life as a grifter (con artist). But things start leading to a relapse after he hooks up with a young lady Iris (Ruth Negga). The premise is simple, the direction satisfactory, and the movie is boring. Predictability is high in this neo-noir crime thriller. For those who've watched loads of crime thrillers, please skip this one. For Jackson fans I ask of the same. And the general audience will be delivered with the same. Except the starting quote, ''Nothing changes unless you make it change'', rest of the dialogues are dry. A bad script reigns over a super-cliched background plot. Although you would've like Jackson's character mentioning some intimidating one-liners.
  However, there are pros, although few. The acting by all, especially Jackson is at the highest degree. They breathe life into their characters - sadly what the writers failed to do. The films kicks off well with suspense after 45 minutes. One top critic quoted that a feature-length has to draw viewers in 20 minutes.
  Directed by David Weaver with a script by him and Elan Mastai - The Samaritan is hardly even a onetime watch. And for a better Jackson watch there's the early 2012 released Meeting Evil. With a 3/4 from Box Office 101.

IMDB: 5.7/10.
Rotten Tomatoes: Pending.
Box Office 101: 1/4.

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