Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reviews: Gone and Meeting Evil

Both thrillers released in 2012. Though different in the overview. Let us start with the former.
  Amanda Seyfried is not the prettiest of them all. But the kicking-ass tomboyish role suited her unlike the glamorous princess-like role in the 0/4 movie In Time.
  The film follows teenager Jill (Seyfried) convinced that her sister has been abducted from the person who kidnapped her 2 years ago. The plot is simple but I liked how the movie progressed in a quick way. The acting was good. Other members of the cast couldn't even spare some emotions. The story gets predictable after every 15 mins but that's typical for average thrillers with such a mediocre story. Still it's a good popcorn crunch and you will not be bored.
  The film is directed by Brazilian filmmaker Heitor Dhalia and written by Allison Burnett, co-written Untraceable (2008) and Underworld Awakening. It co-stars Jennifer Carpenter, Wes Bentley and Daniel Sunjata who is also starring in The Dark Knight Rises. The film was a bomb earning only $12m from a $22m budget but it deserved to at least cover it. A 2/4 from me.

Meeting Evil stars one of my favourite low-budget feature actor Luke Wilson (Idiocracy, Middle Men). Now for the awesome news - Samuel L. Jackson stars as the protagonist.
  The thriller is Lakeview Terrace meeting Halloween. L. Jackson acts even more evil in this one. If they made Hollywood version of the Indian-produced Don then this guy would be in first place for the lead.
  The trailer makes the movie seem a little slower. But it gets really fast-paced after the first half-hour. Luke Wilson acts to the character. I'm amazed he hasn't reached worldwide recognition yet being a better actor than his more famous elder brother Owen. The premise: family man Jon (Wilson) is taken on a wild murder-fuelled ride with a mysterious stranger (Jackson) and the film depends upon Wilson's antics to what to do next. The film co-stars hottie Leslie Bibb (The Midnight Meat Train) as Wilson's wife and she plays the country wife good. This film should've been internationally released. It had the potential to release the top 3.
  Again, the film has many plot holes in between and it seems Jackson is somewhat immortals. But in terms of a low-buget direct-to-DVD and Blu-ray it's a great thriller. Trust me, worth a one-time watch and with Jackson you're in for the murder-fuelled ride of a lifetime. Also, the dialogues between Wilson and Jackson are memorable. They have an amazing I-want-to-kill-the-other-guy onscreen chemistry. Jackson's dialogue delivery is unmatched.
  Meeting Evil is written and directed by mostly TV series filmmaker Chris Fisher (episodes for Cold Case, Warehouse 13). Hope he writes and directs more chillers in the future.
  A 3/4...


Abdullah Riaz said...

AAWsum review!

And i had no idea he was his brother! 

Nisar Mustafa said...

Me neither dude. They have an older quite less famous bro and he looks completely different!