Friday, April 6, 2012

A film to Hunt for

Willem Dafoe is probably best known to international audiences for playing the comic book villain Green Goblin in the Spider-man series of films and also the Americans for Antichrist and Daybreakers. All in all he is a terrific versatile actor.

  The film is Australian. It's been filmed entirely in Tasmania. The story follows hunter Martin (Dafoe) assigned to find the seemingly extinct Tasmanian Tiger for a company. This eco-thriller would've been done better with a stronger screenplay. The directing on the other hand is top notch and many will be distracted by the scenery captured in most scenes. Still, it does not distract viewers from the slowness of the plot. Character development is strong but worthless as there is so less thrill and more drama. Adventure is not even strongly felt for the audiences that want it.

  The Hunter fills in the non-suspense modes with mountain footage instead of progressing the plot further. Dramatic scenes bring a feel-good atmosphere but more emphasis should've been made on the hunter's search. The Grey relied on thrill over drama and rightfully so.
  Dafoe is great as always but not as Oscar worthy as Liam Neeson's in The Grey. Sam Neil has a strong screen presence. Seems he likes to star in films with a fossilised history (starred in all 3 Jurassic Parks). The beautiful Frances O'Connor stars as the female lead. But I think her role was not that necessary,
  The film was released to the Aussie public on 29 Sept 2011. It is directed by Daniel Neitheim with a screenplay by Alice Addison adapting the novel of Julia Leigh with the same title.
  A 2.5/5 from me.
  Rotten Tomatoes: 76%.
  IMDB: 6.7/19.

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