Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kate Beckinsale is Back-In-Sales

She was out of the limelight since 2009's flop Everybody's Fine. But at the start of 2012 she has starred in two lead roles of Underworld Awakening and Contraband co-starring Mark Wahlberg.
  A great similarity between the two is that both films have crossed their budgets over a period of 2-3 weeks. Both films had reached no.1 on the US box office on the first say. So it would be unprofessional to say that Kate is not getting bankable by each movie.
  Underworld: Awakening is the fourth movie in the Underworld series. This Vampire-Lycan (werewolf) franchise has been a thrilling mixture of action and horror. It could well be my favourite vampire movie series after Blade. I am yet to see Awakening but from I've heard most critics have said that story is somewhat similar to most modern vampire tales nowadays, but the action may be the best of them all.
  And I'm sure her husband Len Wiseman, producer of all the 4 movies, would be contemplating happily on a fifth after seeing the end-run gross of Awakening. I hadn't forecast Contraband earning so high so quickly though I'm a big Mark Wahlberg fan. The success of the film is also due to Kate's on-screen presence. The two also share a cute chemistry
  Her next project is a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger's super-hit Total Recall 1990 which was a pain in the head for me. And I hope this one doesn't disappoint as much as the last. It stars Colin Farrell and is directed by Len Wiseman. Thought I predict it would have an above average gross worldwide.
  Underworld 4 has made approximately over $85m on $70m and Contraband has made $65m on a $30m budget since the weekend of Jan 27-29. Awakening may eventually end its run with $120-$150m.

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